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Anthony Taylor 4th Degree Black Belt

Mr. Taylor began his training in Kenpo in1975 under the instruction of Mr. Des Tracey and Mr. Michael Travers. He was tested successfully for his Black Belt in 1980 by the IKKF grading panel, which consisted of Mr. Maurice Mahon, Mr. Don Cassidy, Mr. Des Tracey, Mr. Michael Travers, and Mr. Hugh Hanratty. Mr. Taylor entered his first tournament in 1977. He first represented Ireland in 1982 at the EKF European Karate Championship in Switzerland. This was the start of a 10-year career as a regular member of the Irish Karate Team. Mr. Taylor continued as a tournament fighter until he retired from fighting in 1997. He has won over 20 individual fighting events and was a member of over 30 winning teams as well as winning numerous kata events. He still competes in forms/kata sections today.

Mr. Taylor began teaching as an assistant instructor in1981. He soon became a roving instructor for the IAKKF setting up and opening schools for the association. From 1992 he served two consecutive terms as an executive member of the Irish Martial Arts Commission.

The Kenpo Mr. Taylor studied in the early days was Mr, Parkerís 50ís and early 60ís Kenpo. Mr. Taylor got the opportunity to train with Mr Parker when he came to Ireland in 1989 just before his death. But it was to be1993 when he met Mr. John Sepulveda that he made the decision to reconnect to the American Kenpo Karate System. A decision that has enriched his Kenpo, and has brought him to a new level of understanding and accomplishment.

Mr Taylor trains with Mr. John Sepulveda and Mr. Jeff Speakman on their regular trips to Ireland each year. He also trains regularly with his good friend Mr. Ed Downey the man responsible for introducing him to Mr. Sepulveda and Mr. Speakman.

Mr Taylor opened the Bawnogue Club in 1995. His eldest daughter Ellen helps in the running of the club. When he opened the club he was teaching the old version of Kenpo, he soon changed to the AKKS syllabus with the help of Mr.Downey who has guided and supervised the transition.