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Picture Gallery

Mr. Taylorís instructors Des Tracey and Michael Travers, receiving their Black Belts from Brendan Walsh in the Killester club 1973.

Mr Anthony Taylor and club mate Mr. Pat Dawson (Mr. Dawson dominated the tournament scene in the late seventies early eighties) with their instructor Mr. Michael Travers after they had won first and second in Black Belt Section at the All Ireland Kenpo Karate Championships

The Irish Karate Team about to fight the English Karate Team in a Five Nation's tournament in Cardiff 1988. Left to right: Michael Burke, Francis Mahon, Larry Johnson, Anthony Taylor and Fran Nangle. The Irish Karate Team with officials and supporters on their way to the IAKF World Karate Championships in Egypt 1984.
Mr. Taylor With his daughter Ellen at the European Kenpo Championship in Jersey 1998. At the European Kenpo Karate Championships 1993 in Dublin.The senior menís heavy weight winners Mr. Anthony Taylor (2nd Place) Mr. Larry Beltramo (1st Place) and Mr. James Duffy (3rd Place). In the front is Mr. Sepulveda.
Mr. Taylor with his wife Evelyn when they both represented Ireland on the Irish Karate Team (Evelyn was on the womenís team) at the five nations Tournament in Cardiff 1988. Mr. Taylor performing a high kick at a press conference in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin in 1984. Mr. Travers his instructor steadies the chair.
Mr Taylor back row extreme left with the IAKKF squad on their way to Jersey in 1990. Mr. Taylor during squad training in 1985 for the EKF European Karate Championships in Dublin.
Some of the Instructors in the old North King Street Club. Pat Keegan Dorothy Carey, Michael Travers, Anthony Taylor, John Doyle, Michael Burke and William Dawson. Des Tracey extreme left, Michael Travers extreme right, with some of their students from the Parnell Square club. At the first All Ireland Kenpo Karate Championships in the Mansion House 1976.
The IAKKF Squad who finish second in the team event at the BASKA midland Karate Championships in Birmingham 1992. Back Row Brian Bollard, Brian OíReilly, Anthony Taylor, Vincent Traynor, Eric Perry, Michael Burke. Font Row Martin Cooke, Michael Farrell, Deirdre Farrell, Tony Mates, Joseph Brennan William McLoughlin, Michael Ryan. Mr. Taylor with his wife Evelyn, lining up with the men and womenís teams, at the opening Ceremony of the five nations Tournament in Cardiff 1988 when they both represented Ireland on the Irish Karate Team.
Mr. Taylor about to receive his 4th degree Black belt from Mr. Sepulveda in 2000. Some of the IKCB squad outside the old North King Street club. after a training session
The Irish Karate Team at an International tournament in Belfast. Left to right: Larry Johnson, Martin Nangle, Michael Burke, Anthony Taylor and Fran Nangle. Mr. Taylor back row beside Mr. Parker to the left with some of the most senior Black Belts in Ireland at Mr Parker's last visit to Ireland in 1990 Mr. Downey is extreme right back row.