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Mr. Claus K. Pedersen

Mr. Jan Hvidbjerg - Instructor - 1st Degree Brown Belt

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Address: Randalsvej 57,
7000 Fredericia,
Telephone: 4524686763
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My name is Jan Hvidbjerg, I am 47 years old. In 1974, as a fourteen years old kid, I started with Korean karate-Taekwondo, in my hometown holstebro. I trained her until 1981. During my time in the Danish military, 1979-92, I trained a little boxing on and off and trained the combat system used in the military.

In the winter of 1991, I got in contact with Claus Pedersen, 4th black, with whom I also had trained with in the Tae kwon do. Claus had started a Kenpo studio and after I tried it, I must say, I was "hooked" on this system, this way of fighting. I continued my training with Claus Pedersen until 1995/96. Again, I had to set my training on standby, this time because of my job at the Danish railway (DSB).

In 2004/05 it was possible to start the Kenpo training again. After a period of time, bringing myself up to speed, I begin travelling to Holstebro once a week, to attend to Claus Pedersen's class. At the same time, I got the opportunity to start a Kenpo studio in my new hometown, Fredericia. Where I had lived since 2002.

Today I am a 1st degree brown belt under Mr. Claus Pedersen. We train in Mr Ed Parker's Kenpo system, under Mr Edward Downey, 7th black (EKKA), from Ireland. I want to thank both gentlemen and many more in our organization, for keeping our Kenpo as realistic as it is. In the future I will continue to keep our Kenpo studio in Fredericia going and train, at least once a week with those wonderful people in Holstebro.

And hopefully be a part of spreading our Kenpo in Denmark.

Kenpo salute,

Jan Hvidbjerg.